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If you are a well regarded independent workshop and you want to grow your business, join AASDN today. There is no better helping hand in our industry.

What is AASDN?

The Australian Automotive Service Dealers Network (AASDN) is a 30 year old cooperative association of workshops that was formed to provide support, training and mentoring to leading workshops in Australia.

Running any type of business is tough especially in the automotive industry where we have the added problems of staff shortages, high ongoing requirements for technical training, high business tooling expenses, and low levels of customer trust.

Recognising this, a group of workshops in WA and NSW got together to collaborate and share technical training, advice, and to network with like minded business owners so that we can collectively better look after our customers, run a better business, and provide a premium level of care.

Over the past 30 years, membership has grown to over 60 leading workshops around Australia.


Members receive the following benefits:

  • annual membership to the AAAA including access to their HR and legal hotline, annual reports, and discounted tickets to their annual expo
  • quarterly group technical training for technicians to skill them on the latest automotive technologies
  • free access to online Autodata Training for up to 3 technicians
  • business training including topics on marketing, product offerings, time management, profitability, recruitment and culture
  • networking with like minded business owners
  • quarterly social activities such as go-karting, river cruises, Bathurst, and gala nights
  • access to a shared tool library of quality, specialised tools and diagnostic equipment


Much of this support is possible because of the close relationship and support we have from our preferred suppliers. AASDN preferred suppliers are the leading automotive suppliers in Australia and their unwavering support, and ability to go the extra mile for us, means AASDN members can provide better support and car for their customers.


AASDN members don’t have to do it alone. Together we’re all stronger.

Start growing your business today.

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Some Common Facts about AASDN

What types of members do you have?
Members include Automotive workshops, Fuel injection specialists, Auto-electricians, Diagnostic experts and Specialised automotive workshops. Together we all support each other.
What type of organisation is it?
AASDN is run by workshops to support member workshops. This support includes training, AAAA membership, networking, tool library access, social activities, support from suppliers and more.
Where are you based?
We have member associations in WA, NSW/ACT, Queensland and Victoria. Other states are coming soon.
How much is membership?
Annual membership is set at $880 per year for West Coast Membership and $660 per year for East Coast.